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Hire our unique venue space to hold your event.

Use our full range of event production and management capabilities to deliver engaging events for your clients.

How does it work?

Shoot video using our lightweight, professional kit and your own smartphone.

Simply unbox the kit we send you, set it up with the instructions inside and you’re ready to film with your IOS or Android device.

Brand Compliance

Binumi Pro ensures all of your video is fully brand compliant by on-boarding and assimilating your corporate brand guidelines.
Clients are able to review and comment on all videos before sharing.

Compliance & Legal teams can also be included in this process.


Binumi Pro has been built from the ground up with security at its heart. We recognise that your data and information security is of paramount importance and crucial to the safe distribution of your video content.


Binumi Pro is an ISO27001 accredited company. In addition to offering comprehensive levels of client administration and designated user access, the App and Platform have undergone rigorous internal and external security controls and processes.

Upload your videos using our secure app to be edited by our in-house professional editors.

Record and upload directly within the app or desktop to start creating edits that are fast and cost effective.

Track the progress of your edits with live moderation, review and a perspective on the editing process.

Your video edit is produced by a professional team of editing staff in our quick-turn-around facility. The platform allows you to communicate with the team throughout the production.

Share your finished video the same day via social media or email it to your peers.

Co-create video projects with your colleagues and share them throughout your business using edits groups and inter-department functions or distribute through social media channels.

Stored in our managed facility, for department collaboration and intelligent indexing.

All the videos you produce are stored in a repository for you to easily find in the future via smart tags and keyword search.

What are the features?

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The Kit

Lightweight smartphone rig, small, collapsable tripod, professional lapel microphone and bright LED light.

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The App

Login to the Binumi Pro app for filming, production, moderation and sharing of all videos produced.

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The Platform

Secure access to the Binumi Pro platform for department collaboration, storage and intelligent indexing.

So why use Binumi Pro?

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Cost Effective

You film using our simple, lightweight, professional kit and save on a film crew.

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Fast Turnaround

Your dedicated editor will slice up your footage as soon as its filmed, giving you a video that is professional and quick.

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Brand Compliance

Your edited video is now ready to be reviewed and checked for brand and legal compliance.

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Professional Results

The combination of the kit and our dedicated editors provide professional results fast and cost effectively.